Mold Masters’ Pattern Division performs an integral role in the construction of some of the most critical machinery in the aerospace, oil and gas and other industries. We understand the importance of precision.

When molding tools arrive from our Tooling Division, our Pattern Division creates each wax pattern through a detailed, step-by-step process, ensuring that each pattern that leaves our facility meets the expectations of our customers.

  • Each pattern is carefully assembled and inspected to ensure the components fit together to customer specifications and standards.
  • Before and after wax injection our trained tooling maintenance department inspects the tools with great care.
  • The wax pattern is examined not only by our team of inspectors, but also through in-process inspections, for any visible flaws. Artisans add the final touches, using precision tools to add and remove small amounts of wax as needed.
  • Key performance indicators help us define and measure progress towards our goals from in-process inspections to our recycling program.

Our strength in having outstanding management and personnel involvement, continuous process improvements, along with our strong teams working well with each other, gives us our leading edge in providing our customers with the highest quality.

We go above and beyond industry standards, so our customers can go above and beyond the standards in their industries. This gives them the advantage to build the engines that fly us to our destinations and provide us with the energy that fuels our country — engines that simply cannot afford to fail.

“Uniquely solving our Customers' most complex needs.”
The Team, Mold Masters International