At Mold Masters, we have made major investments in talent and technology to ensure that our Tooling Division produces only the highest-quality injection tooling, enabling our customers to make some of the most critical parts used in today’s aircraft engines and medical devices.

In short, our Tooling Division delivers impact solutions for our customers. We offer:

  • The most advanced cutting and milling tools in the industry
  • Cutting-edge machining software
  • Skilled engineers and craftsmen overseeing every aspect of the process
  • State-of-the-art digital inspection

Our unparalleled combination of experience, knowledge and technology allows us to turn our customers’ models and sketches into precision tools in the shortest amount of time, start to finish. We can then utilize the tooling at our pattern facility, or ship them directly to the customer.

At Mold Masters, every investment we make in people, infrastructure and technology is made with one goal in mind: delivering best-in-class products to our customers as quickly as possible. Combined with hard work, attention to detail, a teamwork approach and continued commitment in our endeavors provides us the essential foundation to provide quality products throughout the industry.

See how our high-speed cutting machine allows us to deliver accurate molds with quicker turnaround times.


“Uniquely solving our Customers' most complex needs.”
The Team, Mold Masters International